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Yu-Gi-Oh! Merchandise, Doujinshi, other merch: League of Legends, Madoka, Higurashi, Steins;Gate, .hack//, Portal, Ragnarok Online, Prince of Tennis, Tenimyu, Cosplay Wigs

I've put a lot of time and effort into this collection, but with a heavy heart I finally decided to sell huge parts. Many items are rare and hard to find. 

Please send me a message if you're interested in anything or if have any questions! 

  • Prices are in Euro written next to each item!
  • send me Screenshots of the items you want and your country and I'll calculate shipping costs (shipped from Austria with tracking number; bulky/heavy items might be more expensive) 
  • Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer (EU only)
  • Some items are on hold if anyone else came first (see list at the end of the page)
  • "is this legit?" -  check Insta Stories for items that already arrived (ebay reviews)


  • Yugioh Figures/Statues come with original packaging/box

  • Items have been on display in a vitrine or on a wall

  • non-Yugioh Items are at the end of the list :) please check those out too!
  • Got Questions? Want to know item details? Message me :) 

Updated: 8. May 2022

Note: The site is not up-to-date. If you're interested in anything, please message me and I'll recheck for you! ♥️ Thank you 

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On Hold / pending:


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