I'm Hirami, 30+ year old Japan enthusiast, photographer and cosplayer from Austria. I'm a passionate fan of Cherik (X-Men), Yu-Gi-Oh!, merchandise collecting and Japan in general. Feel free to look around and explore!

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The first time I had a DSLR camera in my hands, I instantly fell in love with it. Soon after I bought my first own DSLR, a Canon EOS 500D and used it for lots of cosplay photography. After many years I decided to upgrade. Now my photo weapon of choice is a Canon EOS 6D Mark II with an EF 24-70mm zoom lens. 


If you never tried it, you wouldn't know how incredible it feels to slip into a costume and change character for a while. It's not only a hell of a lot of fun, but also a great way to find new friends and likeminded people around the world.


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