Day Trip to Hiroshima
Japan · 02. February 2024
Just a quick check-in in Osaka and onwards to Hiroshima and Miyajima for a short escape

Time for Kagoshima
Japan · 07. January 2024
Ever taken the Shinkansen to the southernmost city of Japan? No? Here you'll see what you've missed.

Nature of Kobe
Japan · 05. January 2024
I'm sure you've heard about Kobe - at least about one of it's culinary highlight. Find out here what other highlights Kobe can entertain you with.

Travel · 06. December 2023
Come and enjoy a beautiful autum day on Germany's highest mountain: Zugspitze and the scenic lake Eibsee

Nagoya Adventures
Japan · 16. September 2023
Enter the Shinkansen southbound: Off to Nagoya and it's huge amusement park and sparkling winter illuminations!

The first stop: Tokyo
Japan · 10. September 2023
What do you do after being up for around 28 hours? Eat ramen, explore Ikebukuro and prepare for Fuji-Q Highland, of course!

Photography · 17. August 2023
Dive into refreshing colors

Summer Day at Grünberg
Travel · 06. August 2023
Take a short trip to Gmunden, up the gondola on Grünberg. You can enjoy the view of the idyllic lake Traunsee and the secluded mountain lake Laudachsee. July 2023

Travel · 21. July 2023
Enjoyed a week of relaxing at the beautiful beaches of Sa Coma. Come along for a small boat trip along the east coastline of Mallorca

Cosplay Photography
Photography · 01. August 2019
[Archive] Highlight collection of cosplay photography from 2015 to 2019


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