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I've put a lot of time and effort into this collection, but with a heavy heart I finally decided to sell huge parts. Many items are rare and hard to find. 

Please send me a message if you're interested in anything or if you have any questions!

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I want to buy something 🎁

Message me: via E-Mail (Hirami (at) or on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr

  • Item Number(s)
  • Your Country 

I will calculate the shipping cost for you. After payment, the items will be shipped to you and you'll receive your tracking number 🩵



  • Items have been on display in a vitrine or on a wall

  • Yugioh Figures/Statues come with original packaging/box

  • Non-Yugioh Items are at the end of the list :) please check those out too!

  • First come first serve - items may be "on hold" if someone else got there first
  • Got Questions? Want to know item details? Message me :)
  • "Is this legit?" - check Insta Stories & my ebay reviews for past sales


  • All prices are in Euro
  • Payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer (EU only)


  • Items will be sent from Austria (Europe)
  • I send everything with a Tracking Number
  • If you live outside of Europe, you may have to pay import taxes in your country
  • Shipping costs depend on size and weight and will be calculated after you send me a list with all items you want 

Rough Shipping Estimates: (these are only estimates! I will calculate exact shipping when I know your country/items)


  To Austria To Germany To EU International
Thin Letter (0,5 cm, 75 g)
for Postcards/Sticker
 3,25 Euro 6,00 Euro 6,00 Euro 6,60 Euro
Letterbag (35 x 25 x 3 cm)
for small Keychains (up to 3 cm thick)
3,25 Euro 10,50 Euro 11,00 Euro 18,70 Euro
Parcel (max. 1 kg, 50 cm) 5,00 Euro 16,00 Euro 17,50 Euro 25,00 Euro
Big Parcel (100 x 60 x 60 cm) 7,00 Euro 16,00 Euro 19,00 Euro 25,00 Euro+


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