Posters & Big Items

E001: Lunch Mat

Yami Yugi laminated Lunch Mat (Size A3; 2 pieces available)

xx Euro

E002: DSOD

Dark Side of Dimensions Poster (51,5 x 72 cm, rolled)

xx Euro

E003: DSOD Bag

Yu-Gi-Oh! DSOD Paper Bag (2 available)

E004: DSOD/Tenimyu Bag

Yu-Gi-Oh! DSOD / Tenimyu Paper Bag


Plastic Bag - Yu-Gi-Oh Protagonists/DSOD

E006: DSOD/Arc-V

Plastic Bag - DSOD/Arc-V

E007: 20th Bag

Yu-Gi-Oh 20th Bag

Other Items

F001: Pin & Ruler

Retro Ruler, Yami Yugi/Black Magician brooch 

xx Euro

F002: Card Case

Seto Kaiba Case for IC Cards

xx Euro

F003: Yami Holder

Millennium Puzzle Pouch, Yami Yugi IC Card Holder

xx Euro

F004: Travel Tags

Seto Kaiba & Millennium Puzzle Suitcase Tags

xx Euro

F005: Notepads

Seto Kaiba mini notepad, Seto Kaiba KC Notepad (used, half of the papers)

xx Euro

F006: Sketch Books

Seto Kaiba & Yami Yugi Sketchbook (unopened)

xx Euro

F007: Notes

3 Mini Notepads (Kaiba, Yami, Anzu), Seto Kaiba Sketchbook

xx Euro

F008: Kaiba Corp

KC Lanyard, KC Band

xx Euro

F009: Phone Stand

Seto Kaiba Acrylic Phone Stand

xx Euro

F010: 20th Anniv

3 Stickers, 1 Plastic Pouch

xx Euro

F011: Postcards

5 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Postcards

xx Euro

F012: Coasters

4 Yu-Gi-Oh! Cafe Coasters

xx Euro

F013: Yu-Gi-Oh! 20th

Sticker, Yugi Muto Coaster, Envelope

xx Euro

F014: Yugi Coaster

2 Yugi Muto Coasters

xx Euro

F015: DSOD Postcards

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Postcard Set

xx Euro

F016: Towel

Kaiba Corp Construction Towel + Aigami Photo

xx Euro

F017: Plate

Millennium Puzzle Plate (16,3 cm)

xx Euro

F018: Millennium Puzzle

Millennium Puzzle Necklace (unofficial)

xx Euro

F019: Magazine

Duel Links Notebook, Magazine with DSOD Article (without poster)

F020: Retro

Retro Stickers

xx Euro

F021: Phone Case

Yami Yugi Phone Case, Notepad

F022: Kaiba Deck

Old Kaiba Deck (not full, rare cards are missing)

F023: TCG

3 unopened Booster Packs

F024: Gallery Card

New York Yu-Gi-Oh Gallery/Art Show Card (3 available)


G001: Seto Kaiba

Seto Kaiba Sleeves & Card Box

xx Euro

G002: Kaiba Corp

Kaiba Corp Sleeves & Card Box

xx Euro


G003: DSOD

Darkside of Dimensions Sleeves & Card Box

xx Euro


G004: Kaiba & Yami

Chibi Seto Kaiba & Yami Yugi Sleeves & Card Box

xx Euro


G005: Kaiba

Seto Kaiba Sleeves & Card Box

xx Euro


G006: Millennium Puzzle

Millennium Puzzle Deckbox, Button

xx Euro

G007: Millennium Box

Golden Millennium Box (cardboard)

G008: Kaiba

Seto Kaiba Tin Box (empty)

xx Euro

G009: Yu-Gi-Oh Tin

3 Tin Boxes (empty)

xx Euro

Other Yu-Gi-Oh Series

H001: Zexal

5 Buttons, 1 Rubber strap

xx Euro

Unrelated Items

Z001: Mini Crane

Miniature Crane Game Machine Hobby Kit (1/12 size)

xx Euro

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