Day Trip to Hiroshima



The time has come to leave the south and head back up towards Osaka to meet up with our other friends. We checked into our cozy hotel - The Bridge Shinsaibashi - and roamed the areas afterwards. Pokemon Center was a must see, of course.
Dotonbori was packed, to be honest a weird feeling after the quiet of Kagoshima. But since there's a lot to see and experience it's fine.  


The next morning, we hopped onto the Shinkansen to Hiroshima. The weather was beautiful, so it was an ideal day to visit Miyajima. Lots of beautiful things to see there! The red tori gate contrasts beautifully with the turquoise water and the shrine is just as beautiful. After a small stride through the village we walked upwards towards the ropeway. 


The cable car took us up to the observatory of Mount Misen. There is a shrine on the mountain, as well as a nice hiking path towards the top of the mountain. While it's not too hard, it wasn't exactly fun with winter boots and a winter coat on (and being severely unfit). The view from the top was totally worth it though. 


Back in Hiroshima, we ate some delicious Okonomiyaki. Hiroshima style of course, with noodles. To fight the after-food-fatigue, we went through some stores. Randomly found a yugioh card game area, nice.
The sun had already set, but we still made our way over to the peace memorial. Seeing the amount of destruction of the atomic bombs is eerie. It's a reminder how important it is to keep educating, keep fighting for peace. 

 Next up: A Trip to Bunny Island 


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